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Who is Selah Avery?

Her Story

Selah Avery 

     has been singing since the age of 6 and writing songs since age 12. In her early 20s, she won twice at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. 

Selah has been working with her 5-time Grammy-considered Husband, Producer Extraordinaire, Sam Peezy for over 20 years to craft their sound. Through this modified House, Afro beat, Neo Soul, R&B & inspirational sound, she feels her soul and stories have found their home. She loves to tell stories in the form of  “parables” set to music. She excels in writing in a way to make the listener really think; hence the name Selah which means to meditate, pause, and listen. She adopted the moniker while reading and finding its meaning in Psalms. 


     As she reminisces about the great songwriting of 90's R&B, Selah contends that much of today's music is vastly missing the element of storytelling. She plans to help bring it back. “I want to inspire people and make them evaluate their feelings with my music. I also love fun music that makes you move, although I am not much of a dancer.” She playfully reveals. “I believe I have a gift and a talent and that there is a niche for me. I have something to say and the way I'm saying it is sure to provoke thought, love, and good vibes.”


Her impressive vocal tones and range are evocative of her musical Muses which include Lalah Hathaway, Anita Baker, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Whitney Houston & Sarah Vaughn. 


She is clear when she credits all of her gifts and talents to God. She also owes much of her recent success to the DJs and House and soul music lovers in the UK, where her single “In My Purse” from her album “FEAR LESS” took on a life of its own. As of October 2020, she garnered her first Grammy consideration.


On April 19, 2021, Selah released her first single “Stay Sleep”, written by her Husband Sam Peezy, from her newest album “Fearless Vibes” which was released April 23, 2021. Its House and Afrobeat influences perfectly cradle the inspirational messages inside.

“This album reaffirms the motivation to chase your dreams unapologetically and unafraid“ Selah states.


Selah gleaned her first product endorsement from the popular African handbag brand ‘Minku’ after they heard the addictive single “In My Purse (Minku Mix)” from the same album. “I’m streaming this nonstop; It's like Beyoncé’s “Upgrade You” for the 2020’s”, noted the Minku writers in their online magazine ‘Yonderland’


In 2020 Selah received her first Grammy consideration in the Best New Artist category for her FEAR LESS album and in 2021 in the Best Dance Album category for her album Fearless Vibes. She has also been nominated in 5 categories in the 2022 Gospel Choice Music Awards.

2023 marked her 3rd Grammy Consideration for the album "MSGS"

Selah's Socials

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