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Selah has 30 years of set experience.

She has worked both behind the scenes in the capacity of Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist as well as in front of the camera as a Background Artist, Stand In and in leading roles.

With that much experience, if you can name it, she has probably seen it. 

Selah wants to share with you her extensive compiled list of what to do and what NOT to do to stay relevant in this ever-changing and growing industry. 

She has embarked upon some very valuable relationships with Casting Directors and fellow working Actors alike. Many agree that Background Etiquette is an inestimable resource sure to assist the inquiring newcomer with tools in navigating this journey. 


Selah is available for in-depth educational classes & seminars. She has meaningful relationships with premiere Casting Directors who receive headshots and resumes.

She will have seminars with take-home resources for your private study time.

This is her highly anticipated

ALL-IN-ONE eBook detailing all of the hot topics needed for aspiring Background Artists. 

Thank you for checking us out and sharing

BACKGROUND ETIQUETTE with friends and family.

See you on set!

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Selah Avery's 

Headshots, Resume and Film & TV Reel

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